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There are two streams to select your course from, the Certified stream and the Un-certified stream.

If you wish to have a National Award Scheme access your personal performance at the end of your course module then you need to choose the NNAS stream.

Mountain Navigation Workhop
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    The Mountain Navigation Workshops provide
    an in depth approach to all things required to
    navigate in the higher mountains and in poor
    conditions, the 3 base levels will take you to
    a higher level than the NNAS Bronze, Silver
    and Gold respectively and you can build
    further on that with navigation in Poor Visibility,
    Winter Navigation and Micro- Navigation all
    supported with a wealth of on line material.

    You must be over eighteen to take part in these courses, or accompanied by a parent or guardian.

NNAS Certified Workshop
The National Navigation Award Scheme takes you to a very high level of navigation skills with the Gold Award.  It is designed to give you a measured approach to learning navigation and being more focused on lower elevations some of the practical elements are less strenuous.  It is structured to follow the curriculum laid out in the award scheme to ensure every one passing the assessment is at the same level.
N.B. The NNAS is not a teaching award!

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